Citizen Science snow sampling during Easter 2018 and 2019

Distributed sampling from Easter ski tourists in the Norwegian mountains, involving participants from Bergen and Oslo, during April 2018 and April 2019

An important question adressed within SNOWPACE was the spatial representativeness of the isotopic signal obtained at point measurements. Within the project, we therefore organised two citizen science campaigns, to engage the public in the collection of surface precipitation samples. On the backdrop of the Norwegian traditional ski vacations in the Easter week, close to peak accumulation, we invited citizens in Bergen and Oslo to collect surface precipitation samples. In addition to valuable experience in conducting a citizen science experiment, we obtained more than 100 useful samples from a spatial distribution that would not have been possible to obtain otherwise within SNOWPACE (Sodemann and Lanzky, in prep.).

The sample dataset will be made available from the BCDC database ERDDAP server.

Sodemann and Lanzky, in prep.