SNOWPACE dissemination

Communication about the SNOWPACE progress was maintained with a wider range of colleagues by email newsletters, provided at various times throughout the project. A final Newsletter will be send out in Q1/2022.

Workshops and meetings with related scientific projects have been organised in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 with various foci and target audiences. In 2020, for example, a Workshop on Isotopes in Evaporation was organised within the Bjerknes Center by SNOWPACE participants. Participation in national and several international conferences further supported awareness of SNOWPACE approaches and findings with the international scientific community. In November 2021, SNOWPACE participants organized a major conference for the international scientific community in a hybrid format. More than 100 scientists gathered in local hubs, including Bergen, Bremerhaven, Zürich, and Tokyo for 3 days to exchange about their work on water isotopes. With the theme «Water Isotopes: From Weather to Climate», the workshop focus was close to the main objectives of the SNOWPACE project.

Outreach to non-scientists has been enabled by a citizen science approach. Several press articles, also about the sampling kitsand a podcast about this citizen science project were published in collaboration with the Bjerknes Centre.

Finally, a short video clip about field installation during the SNOWPACE component of the IGP campaign has been created and made available publicly on Vimeo. Albeit simple and concrete, this movie provides a first-hand impression of scientific installation used to measure water isotopes on a research vessel, including the needs for improvisation. More refined products, including a short movie, are in preparation by partners from the main IGP project.